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Watching Students Grow

Three classes from J. Alfred Laird Elementary school have partnered with Invermere Home Hardware, Groundswell, and the Invermere Public Library to bring food sustainability to the Columbia valley.

Students are learning how to adopt permaculture gardening principles to grow food at three raised garden beds in the Mt. Nelson Community Garden.

Their harvest will be donated to the Columbia Valley Food Bank. Students will also learn how to harvest seeds in Autumn, and seeds will be donated to the Invermere Seed Library.

2022-05-17 12.54.42.jpg2022-05-17 12.57.00.jpg2022-05-17 13.07.48.jpg2022-05-17 13.08.53.jpg2022-05-17 13.12.14.jpg2022-05-17 13.16.53.jpg2022-05-17 13.17.55.jpg2022-05-17 13.22.15.jpg2022-05-17 13.22.33.jpg2022-05-17 13.34.52.jpg2022-05-17 13.57.54.jpg2022-05-17 14.02.44.jpg2022-05-17 14.05.19.jpg2022-05-17 13.22.08.jpg2022-05-17 13.52.39.jpg

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